Eggman Land

The Game's Box Art

Eggman Land is one of the first games for the UltraSega, amd is part of the Sonic series.  This game is made by Flameguy9981.


Eggman builds the E-1000 Alphbeta, and it captures Sonic! Eggman then puts Sonic in prison, while he goes and takes over the world. But Sonic breaks out, and runs out to stop Eggman when he sees that it's too late. The world has turned into Eggman Land. Sonic then goes out to restore the world to normal.

Once Sonic defeats E-1000 Alphbeta, Sonic uses Chaos Control to send Eggman Land into another dimension. The game is then complete.

Tails built a teleporter to teleport to you back to Eggman Land whenever to kick Eggman's butt.


  • E.G.G. Escape Base
  • E.G.G. Poison Mountain
  • E.G.G. Robotic Plains
  • E.G.G. Mad Highway
  • E.G.G. Metallic Jungle
  • E.G.G. Acid Beach
  • E.G.G. Polluted Skies
  • E.G.G. Casino Party (Secret World) (Found Inside E.G.G. Mad Highway)
  • E.G.G. Crystal Cavern (Secret World) (Found Inside E.G.G. Metallic Jungle)
  • E.G.G. Deathly Cruise (Secret World) (Found Inside E.G.G. Acid Beach)


  • The Egg Runner (E.G.G. Robotic Plains)
  • The Egg Driver (E.G.G. Mad Highway)
  • The Egg Climber (E.G.G. Metallic Jungle)
  • The Egg Swimmer (E.G.G. Acid Beach)
  • The Egg Flyer (E.G.G. Polluted Skies)
  • The Egg Builder (E.G.G. Poison Mountain)
  • E-1000 Alphbeta (E.G.G. Escape Base)