Alright!!!! I am about to host a tournament known simply as the B.A. Grand Championship.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all have been waiting for a day to finally see who is the best amongst heroes and a day with great glory. So hince I am telling you today willl be that day. The B.A. Grand Championship may not be familiar with some of you but I will tell you these details; heroes, anti-heroes and villains all over the internet will be allowed to enter in this tournament and before people get all excited. This tournament will be a "Win or die" meaning once you loose a match your out, no more until next time. People are allowed to enter with either a representative(such as a real anime/live-action/CGI character) or there own created character. So get you fanon ready because this will take place in Fanon Wiki, that way all of us fans of everything else don't have to be on the wiki's topic.

P.S. I will be sending this to a couple more wikis to make the crowd grow farther